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The popularity of functional training has forced many fitness professionals to take a second look at some of the traditional training concepts.... more>>

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A former rehabilitation device, this 5-foot ski-like beam flaps like a set of wings when you shake it, working arm, shoulder and core muscles... more>>

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A slight gyration of the body causes the Bodyblade's arms to vibrate like a tuning fork and generate 270 contractions per minute. more>>

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Every so often a new product comes along which revolutionizes the way we
exercise - the Bodyblade ® is one of those products. more>>
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Bodyblade® is the next step forward in exercise equipment. Unlike traditional systems that rely on weights or elastic bands to provide resistance, Bodyblade's® unique design generates up to 270 muscular contractions per minute. Each cycle of Bodyblade® requires a shortening and lengthening contraction in the muscles being exercised. This stimulates the body to make highly skilled adjustments that increase muscular strength, tone and endurance. Bodyblade ® also enhances joint mobility, making it an excellent tool for physical therapy. Please read below for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is it?
A: Bodyblade® is a patented, one-and-a-half pound flexible foil ranging from two-and-a-half to five feet long, with a handgrip right in the middle. With just little bit of encouragement, the ends are designed to "oscillate" or flex at a steady rate.

Q: How do you use it?
A: When you hold the grip and give the Bodyblade® a few quick shakes, the tips start to move. As a result, your muscles are challenged to both resist the movements, as well as to stay balanced. This not only works general muscle groups in the arms and legs, but also the hard-to-target stabilizing ones deep inside your torso.

Q: How does it build muscles?
A: While the rate of oscillation stays the same, the workout intensifies when the amplitude, or magnitude of the flexing tips, increases. Over the course of just one minute, the ends of the Bodyblade® move back and forth 270 times, and that's 270 times your muscles have to resist the movements. The resistance needed to control the blade can range from 1 to 34 pounds depending on the amplitude of the flexing tips.

Q: Why is Bodyblade® better?
A: Bodyblade® is unlike any other piece of exercise equipment on the market today. Most other systems work on the principle of the user attempting to lift a weighted item or stretch an elastic band. The Bodyblade®, however, works on the opposite premise: Once the ends begin to move, inertia wants to keep them in motion and it's up to you to resist. Thus, the risk of injury through overexertion is greatly reduced.

In addition, Bodyblade® will directly impact whatever sport you play by specifically targeting those muscle groups used in a particular sport. Many of the exercises you perform with Bodyblade® mimic the same movements athletes use in competition, allowing you to train your body to execute moves faster and with more force.

Q: What other advantages does Bodyblade have?

  • Timesaving: Bodyblade's® efficient movements provide a complete workout in just minutes, so you're never tempted to skip exercise during your otherwise busy schedule.
  • Cost: For as little as $49, you can start down the road to a stronger, healthier you.
  • Compact: Bodyblade® is only a few feet long and a couple of pounds, easily fitting in the closet, under the bed and dozens of other places conventional weights and machines can't go.

Q: What can Bodyblade® do for me?
A: Bodyblade's® unique design makes it beneficial in many different settings. It may look like a toy, but it's actually a serious exercise machine. First developed by physical therapist Bruce Hymanson to help his patients rehabilitate from injuries, Bodyblade® increases muscle and joint mobility. It is a proven tool for persons with chronic disabilities, as well as pre and post-operative rehabilitation. Bodyblade® also shapes and tones the muscles, while boosting muscular endurance and strength. It improves your balance and coordination as it promotes good posture. Bodyblade® even increases our quickness and agility, making you more confident and helping you feel better about yourself. This makes it a valuable training tool for everyone from recreational athletes to professional sports teams.

Q: What makes Bodyblade® different than other exercise equipment?
A: With Bodyblade® there are no weights or elastic bands that can break. You control the intensity and acceleration of the movement, which makes it safer and more effective than other equipment. Bodyblade® is technically known as a dynamic reactive instrument, which means that it matches the force you put into the blade and nothing more. As it moves back and froth four and a half times per second, it uses the principles of inertia to stimulate the muscles and make them stronger. The better conditioned the user, the more enhanced the workout. Yet since the user controls the movement, you can never injure yourself with Bodyblade®. All of this is possible due to the patented technology and the inertial exercise principles built into every Bodyblade®.

Q: What is the difference between the five Bodyblade® models?
A: There are five Bodyblade® models: Bodyblade® Pro, Bodyblade® Classic, Bodyblade® Sportblade, Cardio Blades, and Bodyblade Lite. All models are made from a unique combination of composite materials and have a rubber handgrip in the center. For a more detailed description visit Which Bodyblade for more details.

Q: How do I use Bodyblade®?
A: Simply place your hands on the center handgrip and move the blade back and forth until it begins to oscillate. Your elbow and hand should not move more than half and inch in either direction, yet the blade will oscillate at distances ranging from a couple of inches to two feet depending on the energy you put into the movement.

Q: Does Bodyblade® vibrate and massage my muscles?
A: Bodyblade® does not vibrate at all. The user controls the entire movement of the blade. The harder you push and pull, the greater the distance the blade travels and the greater the resistance generated due to the blade's accelerations. This strengthens your muscles and helps to shape and tone them while increasing joint stabilization, mobility and flexibility. However, Bodyblade® is not used for massage therapy.

Q: How soon will I see and feel the results?
A: Your mind and body will come alive the minute you start using Bodyblade®. You'll feel invigorated and "connected" both physically and mentally. These lifestyle benefits are noticeable at once and increase over time as you continue your Bodyblade exercise program.

Q: How does Bodyblade® create resistance?
A: Bodyblade® is a reactive, oscillating device that utilizes inertia to generate up to 270 muscle contractions per minute. The laws of inertia state that an object set in motion remains in motion until another force acts upon it to stop or change its direction. You push and pull on the apparatus, which accelerates the blade and creates a force due to the flex or amplitude of the blade. The greater the flex, the greater the resistance that is needed by the body to counteract the destabilizing forces delivered into the body. The blade's movement therefore requires the user to contract his or her muscles in order to neutralize these forces.

Q: Can I over train my muscles using Bodyblade®?
A: Bodyblade® is designed to automatically keep its movements within the current ability of the individual. Unlike other exercise systems, it never exceeds the strength and capability of the person using the apparatus. That makes it the natural and safe answer to your exercise needs.

Q: I was using the Bodyblade in PT. My question is when using the Bodyblade is there a rule to guide in duration of each exercise (i.e., 15 sec. three times), and number of sets and such?
A: Always keep two rules in your mind when working out with Bodyblade unless your Therapist or Doctor has specifically instructed you to do your exercise program in a specific way. 1) Time and 2) Intensity of training. The min time to exercise in any given position is 15 seconds. Prefer 30 seconds and try to achieve a full 60 seconds with each exercise position. The intensity will determine how quickly you fatigue. The intensity relates to the amount of flex in the blade while you are exercising. Each Blade will deliver a range of resistance from 1-34 pounds depending on the model you have chosen. You may notice some exercises are more difficult for you then others. you may find it more difficult to sustain a certain flex for a given period of time in some positions. That usually indicates you are working a smaller group of muscles and they fatigue faster.

Q: I am a high school baseball coach and 1 of my players has used this as a rehab therapy sessions. He loved it and felt that it benefited him greatly. Are the blades appropriate for the high school level? How often would you recommend our pitchers using them? everyday, 3 times a week?
A: The size and mass of the blades will change the feel and resistance of the product. The Pro will deliver up to 34 pounds of resistance with a bigger kick. The Classic will deliver up to 22 pounds of resistance but due to a lower weight and mass, with slightly less kick. The kick I refer to is the amount of momentum coupled with the force production that the athlete must neutralize. We have elderly patients using the Pro because it stimulates more sensory motor response which they may be lacking. Bodyblade is a neurological training tool with inertia providing the resistance rather then gravitational weight. The required response from the body is metered at precisely 270 times per minute. The user must control not only the resistance of the blade, but also the mass of their own body. That means they must start, stop, and change directions of their body and control the mass very rapidly and exquisitely. Also, Bodyblade adjusts to the level of the person using the blade. "Action, reaction" or force in, force out. Newton's laws of inertia apply down the line with this product.

Does this fit into the High School Level? Most definitely. We train kids from 6 years of age in schools with disabilities on up to Olympic athletes.

We are well established in Professional sports. In Baseball the pitchers use Bodyblade most extensively but it shouldn't stop there. Catchers, infield and outfielders will benefit from the core work, speed, balance and endurance. What about a catcher getting up 5/100ths faster and delivering a rocket to second base with more accuracy. You will be pleased with the diverse application for all of the athletes.

Finally, Frequency. If you are training for endurance and strength, give them a day of rest. In terms of time and intensity, try for 60 seconds with each exercise position. Remember the greater the flex in the blade, the greater the resistance they will experience and more rapidly they will fatigue. Try to replicate function. Throwing motion, or a catcher coming up from the crouch or a first baseman in the stretch. Use the blades as regular training and strengthening tools as well where you duplicate traditional positions too.

Q: Can Bodyblade help improve my Golf game?
A: Bodyblade is designed to improve the communication in the body for better hand eye coordination and position sense. Bodyblade will also improve the core strength which is vital in all sports. Golf is a sport in which accuracy, club head speed and human performance go hand in hand. The list of Pro golfers is long. Visit our professional customers/testimonials section.

Q: How does a Bodyblade workout translate into calories burned?
A: Calorie consumption is difficult to calculate using Bodyblade for several reasons. Varying factors are your age, conditioning level to begin with, weight, mass, lean body mass, and true intensity of workout. Since Bodyblade is a progressive resistance device which ties very closely to the users mass and conditioning, results will vary as would two people running a mile at different paces and conditioning levels. Since the intensity of training is hard to measure from one individual to another, we have no concrete measure of calories burned where I could say to you, 100 calories for every ten minute workout. We do have two aerobic workouts with two other products in the Bodyblade line and one aerobic workout with the Classic. Do you have that workout or the Super Six?

There are good reasons to do aerobic and anaerobic exercise to help burn calories and loose weight. The burning of calories via aerobic exercise is great for the actual workout, but also for the metabolic changes in your body at the cellular level. A more fit person, burns more calories faster and more efficiently then a sedentary person. The key is to change your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently then someone who does not exercise.

The anaerobic exercise with Bodyblade or more strengthening part of the workout will increase the muscle size to some degree and provide more fuel for the furnace. The more muscle working, the more calories are burned even at rest. The combination of more mass and more power capability, plus a better more efficient metabolism will change the way you look and feel.

Q: I am a 65 year old male who has enjoyed using the Bodyblade for over a year. With resistance training (weights) I have always been told to workout every other day. My question to you is does this apply to the Bodyblade also or would it be more effective to go through my routine every day?
A: Training hard with more intensity will cause the blade to flex more during the workout which is like adding more weight to the stack. If you train hard when you Bodyblade, rest a day between workouts. If you are not training hard but merely coasting along with the intensity of your workout, 4-5 days a week is O.K.

Q: I used the Bodyblade in the physical therapist's office and I am very interested in getting one for home use. My physical therapist showed me how to use it for shoulder work because I have a weak shoulder. I also have sciatica and piriformis syndrome and need to strengthen my leg and buttock muscles, are there specific exercises using the blade that strengthen leg and buttock muscles?
A: All Bodyblade exercises begin contracting the 640 muscles in your body in sequence. From the deepest center point in your body and progressing out to the 4 extremities. This is achieved by the blade moving back and forth 270 times each minute. As this happens, it provides an unstable environment for your body to react to. To stay upright and in control on the planet, your body will require many things. Stability in the core or trunk muscles to control the arms and legs during activity and motion, quickness to coordinate the rapid change in direction, balance to keep from falling, strength and endurance to maintain the exercise without the Bodyblade stopping and a keen sense of where you are in space which we refer to in medical terms as proprioception.

While all this is happening, the legs are rooted to the floor. Each change in direction of movement provided by the blades, requires an equal and opposite reaction from your body. Since the legs are connected to the planet and the hands are connected to the Bodyblade, a constant expense of muscular activity takes place using all the lower extremity muscles. Imagine pushing a car on the street. The legs must generate a lot of force to get the car moving and keep it moving.

You can be sure that Bodyblade is contracting the muscles in you legs very precisely and rapidly to give you a workout very different than traditional weight lifting. We have several exercises that target the lower body more then others and will be happy to discuss them with you. We are currently creating a new instructional video, website and exercise wall chart with Nearly 30 great and challenging Bodyblade exercises.

Q: I'd like to get started with an exercise program with a primary focus on toning -- and I mean serious toning. I'm 41 years old and have recently lost 30+ pounds and need to get in better physical shape.
A: Congratulations on losing over 30 pounds. The key to your continued success now is to maintain good muscular activity which should include both toning and strengthening, combined with cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. The benefits of the two are important to you. One, doing aerobic exercise will change your metabolism to help you burn fat more efficiently and store less of the unused portion of fuel brought into the body. The fit body is always ready to work which means it converts food to fuel ready to be used. A sedentary person takes the same food and immediately stores it as fat rather then being on the alert and converting that food to fuel for immediate action. Metabolism is a key to your success in the future. Two, using the Bodyblade to maintain and increase muscle metabolism. This will be achieved by challenging the muscle to grow in endurance, coordination, and tone. This takes more fuel to maintain which means you are burning more calories throughout the day just by keeping the muscles challenged. This will, on a regular basis, burn more resting calories throughout the day with a raised metabolism. Remember, calories are burned in the muscle, the more muscles you exercise and challenge during a workout, the more you will burn. The more muscle is involved in the conditioning process, the more resting calories and working calories will be burned. Bottom line is simple. Combine the strength with the aerobic work and you will succeed in a big way. Give us 21 days of exercise at least every other day and you will see incredible results.

Q: I was wondering if the Bodyblade has an aerobic effect on the whole body? Will a person also benefit with weight loss or is this strictly for muscle toning purposes? Also, will the body become used to the effect of the Bodyblade and then not be effective after awhile? Since a person can use weights and increase the pounds I was wondering if the body can continue to benefit from this tool.
A: Yes, Bodyblade can be aerobic. We have several size models which can be used for aerobic training. They come with a great aerobic follow along video guaranteed to make you sweat and burn the calories. You control the intensity of the workout and how much aerobic work you do. As for weight loss, no product alone will guarantee weight loss. You must combine the proper nutritional program with exercise. Aerobic fitness will change the way your body's metabolism functions. The more aerobically fit you are, the better the cells process energy and burn calories. The more sedentary person will store food as fat while a fit person will take the same food and use it for energy. The key is to challenge the body with Bodyblade, tone the muscles, strengthen the muscles and change your metabolism. Give me 21 days on the Bodyblade workout and I promise you, you will see fabulous results.

Q: My question is directed towards using Bodyblade in my work outs. I understand how it would increase muscular endurance, since you do so many reps, but would it increase strength? Also, since you make such a small motion, what about working the muscle through the entire range of motion? I am interested in Bodyblade for my workouts, but am uncertain to how effective, overall, it would be. Is it only beneficial as a physical therapy exercise, or can someone achieve total body benefits after a long term use?
A: Bodyblade uses inertia to develop the body very differently then gravitational weights or bands etc. The neural adaptation effect is tremendous. The resistance with the Pro does not exceed 34 pounds. The key is the interaction with your body mass and the rapid change in direction of the blade forcing the body to make highly efficient and accurate changes. There is new and exciting research coming out almost daily supporting the high velocity low resistance training as being better for athletic performance then just the traditional strength workout. If you train heavy with 3 sets of 10 reps, you are not training the muscular system to perform quickly, powerfully, and with stability. The muscles will be massive but poorly adaptive.

Q: How can the Bodyblade work when you don't use it in the normal range or motion?
A: If your question of range of motion relates to: How can I strengthen my muscles if I don't move through a full ROM as in traditional weight lifting? The answer is you do not need to move through a complete ROM to gain strength and endurance in the muscle. Look at non-traditional forms of strength training. Two men wrestling each other, trying to push the other to the ground. There is a tremendous amount of work being done by both. How about a Gymnast? Will this strengthen their bodies, most certainly. How about an example of a brick layer hauling sacks of cement or bricks to a work site. Are they moving through a ROM 10 reps X 3 sets, no. Physical work and strength training does not require any set of rules that must fit into sets and reps. There was a study recently done which took two groups of people. One group did the exercise program prescribed doing 3 sets of 10 reps 3 days a week. The other group did the same program except only did 1 set of 10 reps. Your instincts will tell you that the 3 set group would be stronger but the results were exactly the same. There was no more strength gained with the 3 sets of 10 reps group over the 1 set of 10 reps group. Bodyblade can be used in many different ways. You can even move through a full ROM in the upper extremities as in traditional resistance training. the Bodyblade uses inertia to resist your body. That combined with the rapid change of direction which requires your body to contract muscles 270 times per second is working your neuromuscular system at a very high level for balance, coordination, stabilization and strength training not to mention quickness. The workout is very different from typical resistance training because it requires mass to resist you not gravitational weight. Bodyblade will work your body in zero gravity.

Q: I have Fibromyalgia. Will Bodyblade help me?
A: Everybody is unique with their personal needs. We see Fibromyalgia patients regularly in Physical Therapy and find Bodyblade to be an excellent addition to their rehab. Discuss the exercise with your Doctor or therapist and get started exercising.

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